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    At DOOD, our vision is simple. Our web design agency creates elegant websites covering a full remit of web services for your business. We simplify the complex in order to offer a full package to help you reach a wider audience. Our dynamic web design agency delivers projects with unique visual identities to tell the story of your business. Working in a variety of online mediums, we support the provision of a complete service ranging from e-commerce, business consultation, drone video shooting, and ticketing – innovating at every step of the way.

    Why a web design agency is important for the mobile experience of your website? Furthermore, is your website responsive?

    Test it out by resizing your window when you are on it and check if all the content aligns correctly. If not, then it means it is not responsive and you are loosing a big part of the web audience that surfs the web only via mobile devices. Contact us to know what we can do about your website so that you don’t miss one opportunity from the mobile world. Since 2013 DOOD only create and develop responsive websites so check our clients websites and test if their website shows up correctly on your mobile device: Clients Portfolio

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    Magazine Website Design

    Are you a budding artist or creative? Perhaps you are a frequent traveler with valuable insights to world events. An online presence can be the perfect medium to inspire yourself and others. With custom made functionalities, our web design agency will make sure that you can easily manage and display numerous facets of your personal or business growth. Website design is our passion ! View more

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    Corporate / Presentation Website Design

    The perfect platform to display your established or growing business. Our past projects have spanned many sectors – from Law, Publishing agency to major art galleries in Hong Kong. Your website will be the cornerstone to your online presence, while we also consult your social media presence with our online social media services. Contact us to know more about the social media plans. View more

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    E-Commerce Website Design

    Participate in the online marketplace – There’s an unlimited audience out there to showcase and sell your products to! In addition, we are committed to the promotion and continued sales for your business, hand in hand we can populate the web with your online store. View more

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    Online TICKETING

    DOOD Web design agency provides a high quality and personalized service from the online registrations of your event attendees to the on-site crowd management. Moreover, Ticketdood is an online clear, simple, efficient and mobile friendly ticketing and event promotion website platform. View more

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    Hosting and SEO

    Regardless what style of website you choose, Search Engine Optimization is a vital aspect of taking your message to the next level. Our hosting offer combines the added element of SEO to our service – high speed servers, relevant location information, keyword development and support resulting in bringing your site higher up on result pages for the most used search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu and other international networks. The web is an ever growing community, where risks grow in parallel with opportunities and result in success when the good web partner is chosen. View more